This collection of activities provides a series of lessons linked to computing using the context of Mars exploration. Children learn about algorithms, debugging, flow charts, repeat loops, decision trees, and how images and data are relayed. They find out about search engines, the reliability of information found on the internet and infographics. There is also a design and technology activity where children learn about the design process and design their own rovers for exploring Mars.

The resources are set in the context of the European Space Agency ExoMars mission, which includes the launch and operation of the Rosalind Franklin rover to the surface of Mars.

These activities have been provided by ESERO-UK.



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Lesson 1 - What is an algorithm

In this activity children learn what an algorithm is and explore what makes good instructions for an algorithm. They work as a team to create their own algorithms to guide each other across a grid of squares avoiding set obstacles. The activity uses the context of Mars exploration, as they role-play the ExoMars...

Lesson 2 - Creating and debugging algorithms

In this activity children create an algorithm or a sequence of instructions. They test and debug their algorithms and refine them to improve how well they work. Working together they play a game, instructing the ExoMars rover, Rosalind Franklin, to reach the drilling station, avoiding crashing into other rovers....

Lesson 3 - Flow charts and decisions

In this activity children use and create flow charts and are introduced to the idea of loops to repeat instructions. The activity uses the context of Mars exploration, with children using their instructions to help guide the ExoMars rover across the surface of Mars.

This activity has been provided by ESERO-...

Lesson 4 - Communicating images

In this activity children explore how images are stored and communicated by computers (including robots and rovers). They learn how a picture is made up of pixels and how each pixel is coded for by a number code, which is then converted into an image. Children learn about Binary code and how it is used to represent...