Mars 7-11 years

This collection of resources support learning about STEM subjects using the context of exploring Mars. These activities are particularly suitable for pupils aged 7-11 years.



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This collection of activities provides a series of lessons linked to computing using the context of Mars exploration. Children learn about algorithms, debugging, flow charts, repeat loops, decision trees, and how images and data are relayed. They find out about search engines, the reliability of information found...

Roving with Rosalind is an education and outreach project which presents Mars mission based classroom activities for primary schools as well as activity groups. This collection of resources is funded by the UK Space Agency, and give pupils the opportunity to complete activities such as deciding a launch plan and...

The Mars Mission


This collection of resources provides activities for children aged from 4-11, using the theme of exploring Mars as the context. The six activities for each age group of children, allow them to find out more about the...

Martian Explorers: How does the ExoMars Rover Work?

This resource provides a series of 1 hour lessons designed to help children understand the need for exploration robots and learn about how they function. They are based around the European Space Agency’s (ESA) new robotic rover Rosalind Franklin...