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Lesson 4 - Communicating images

In this activity children explore how images are stored and communicated by computers (including robots and rovers). They learn how a picture is made up of pixels and how each pixel is coded for by a number code, which is then converted into an image. Children learn about Binary code and how it is used to represent numbers. Exploring how many digits are needed to send codes of images with a set number of colours. They then design their own pictures and create a key to show the binary number which represents each colour.  They then encode their picture on a separate sheet of paper and transmit (give) the code to a friend (along with the key). The friend then tries to draw the picture.

 The activity uses the context of Mars exploration, with children modelling the way that images are sent from space to Earth via computers. It has  been provided by ESERO-UK and is the fouth lesson in a series of Mars Challenge resources.

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