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This collection of resources support learning about STEM subjects using the context of exploring Mars. Using the context of the ExoMars mission, activities link to areas of the curriculum including: science, D&T and computing. There are activities focused on children of different ages, ranging from 5-18 years of age.

The ExoMars mission is a collaboration between ESA and the Russian State Space Corporation, Roscosmos. By working together, the ExoMars mission has already put a spacecraft in orbit around Mars – the Trace Gas Orbiter. The second part of the mission, now due to launch in 2022, is sending a high-tech rover to land on Mars. The rover, Rosalind Franklin will be searching for the building blocks of life on Mars. It is the first robot of its kind that can both roam around Mars, and also drill down to study samples two metres below the surface.

These activities have been provided by ESERO-UK and funded by UK Space Agency.


This collection of activities provides a series of lesson linked to computing using the context of Mars exploration. Children learn about algorithms, debugging, flow charts, repeat loops, decision trees, and how images and data are relayed. They find out about search engines, the reliability of information found on...

The Mars Challenge secondary school resources are a set of "unplugged" computing resources, aimed at students aged 11-14 years old.  The resources are set in the context of the European Space Agency ExoMars mission, which...

Roving with Rosalind is...

Martian Explorers

This collection provides 4 units of work linked to Design and Technology, which explore the need for exploration robots, how they work, how their systems collect data and an understanding of the specialised materials and mechanisms they use. All activities centre around the ExoMars Mission and the Rosalind Franklin...


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