This collection of videos from the Royal Academy of Engineering showcase the exciting range of work that Engineers are involved in.

"From the shoes you wear and the phone in your hand, through to the music you listen to and the games you play, engineering is at the heart of everything. It brings ideas to life and turns dreams into reality. Whether you’re into sports, beats, fashion, festivals, trainers or tech, there’s a place in engineering for you."

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This is Engineering: sports car specialist

This resource is an interview with Todd - a sports car specialist.

"At age 10, Todd from Coventry switched on the TV and started watching Top Gear. He thought supercars were super cool, read up more about them and became a bit of a car geek. Now, at 21, he looks after the body panels on Aston Martins, and...

This is Engineering: robot maker

This resource is an interview with Halvard - a robot maker.

"Halvard grew up in Norway surrounded by farms and playing with Lego. As a Robotics Engineer, he combines his love for nature and putting things together to create robots that will revolutionise farming.

As a child, Halvard loved the...

This is Engineering: workout hacker

This resource is an interview with Charles - a workout hacker.

"Charles is an entrepreneur and an app designer. To him, engineering is about finding solutions to real world problems. His natural analytical mind led him to study a degree in engineering at university, and while there, the 2012 Olympics and...

This is Engineering: flight futurist

This resource is an interview with Sophie - a flight futurist.

"When Sophie was 16 she got to visit Kennedy Space Centre, where she fell in love with the idea of becoming an astronaut, but didn’t know how to get there. It was only when she met the astronaut Dr Helen Sharman, the first British person in...


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