This collection of videos from the Royal Academy of Engineering showcase the exciting range of work that Engineers are involved in.

"From the shoes you wear and the phone in your hand, through to the music you listen to and the games you play, engineering is at the heart of everything. It brings ideas to life and turns dreams into reality. Whether you’re into sports, beats, fashion, festivals, trainers or tech, there’s a place in engineering for you."

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This is Engineering: flight perfector

This resource is an interview with Bethan - a flight perfector.

"Bethan is 25 years old and grew up in Manchester. She left home at 19 to start an engineering degree apprenticeship with Rolls-Royce in Derby. She then became a Production Manager, responsible for the team that strips down and rebuilds...

This is Engineering: power pioneer

This resource is an interview with Enass - a power pioneer.

"Enass, from Palestine, is an activist, business woman and entrepreneur. She co-founded H2GO, an engineering company developing new ways to store clean energy at the age of just 28. She completed a PhD at Cambridge University, after taking...

This is Engineering: catastrophe consultant

This resource is an interview with Josh - a catastrophe consultant.

"Josh, from Romford in Essex, didn’t know much about engineering when he chose to study it at university. This started him on a journey that would take him to earthquake and tsunami zones around the world, to use his skills as a structural...

This is Engineering: dream maker

This resource is an interview with Sonya - a dream maker.

"Sonya loved drawing and making up stories as a child, and she also loved maths. Bringing together these two interests seemed impossible until she completed a degree in Engineering and Computer Science, and landed her first job working for Disney...


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