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The Royal Academy of Engineering oversees a number of projects to enhance and enrich the teaching of engineering. This collection contains case studies and details of activities which can be used to encourage pupils to take part in engineering study. The collection includes: *Mathematics for Engineering Exemplars: These exemplars give activities which contextualise mathematics in engineering projects for Post-16 students. The activities support the Additional and Specialist Learning (ASL) unit of the Advanced Diploma in Engineering. *London Engineering Project Case Studies: These case studies describe 14 projects set up with the aim of engaging and inspiring young people in STEM subjects, with an emphasis on engineering. The projects included activity days for students led by STEM Ambassadors, careers advice for teachers, reports on best practice and events designed to encourage under-represented groups, especially girls.


These primary and secondary resources explore the science, technology, engineering and maths involved in the film industry.

Engineering our existence

These resources explore how different indigenous populations have used engineering to allow them to live in extreme environments and what we can learn from these solutions. They also explore some modern engineering solutions to living in extreme environments.

The engineering our existence STEM resources are...

These resources link ideas from mathematics to applications in real world engineering. The resources cover the broad topic of deployable structures which are structures that open up (deploy) into something of use. An obvious example would be an umbrella. There are also case studies of two engineers involved with...

The Royal Academy of Engineering and STEMNET have developed a suite of high quality engineering based resources for use in STEM Clubs and by STEM Ambassadors. Developed with teachers, the new resources will inspire future generations to follow careers in engineering. The resources are grouped in two sub collections...


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