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This is Engineering: workout hacker

This resource is an interview with Charles - a workout hacker.

"Charles is an entrepreneur and an app designer. To him, engineering is about finding solutions to real world problems. His natural analytical mind led him to study a degree in engineering at university, and while there, the 2012 Olympics and boxing sensation Anthony Joshua inspired him to get into boxing. It was not long before he combined his passion for problem solving, technology and engineering with his love of boxing. He designed Corner, an app that captures key data on a boxer’s movement and skill set and provides highly detailed analytics that allow them to improve their performance.

Growing up Charles had no idea what he wanted to do. He didn’t even know much about engineering before he went to study it. He knew the clichés about engines, hard hats and gears, but at university he found out that it was so much more than that: he was starting to learn skills that could be used to solve anything. He realised engineering was a building block he could use to build his passions into a career. For Charles, that passion was boxing. The Olympics had inspired him and he joined his university boxing gym. He soon found himself constantly talking about boxing, while also following all the latest technology trends. That’s when he got the idea to combine boxing with technology and take a step towards becoming an entrepreneur.

Since then, Charles has gone on to develop his business with his cofounder Jerry Krylov. His app has seen him working with established boxing stars as well as many of the up and coming stars in the Team GB Olympic team. His life as an entrepreneur has also taken him to Las Vegas to launch the app, and he has been able to travel to Cuba, Mexico and all around Europe testing the product and going to fight nights."

This resource forms part of the This is Engineering campaign.

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