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The cs4fn magazine is a magazine on the fun side of all things to do with computer science. The authors write up computing research in a fun and accessible way that puts across their enthusiasm for the subject. Unplugged computing, computational thinking and practical applications of computers in many areas are included. This collection is ideal for helping students contextualise their learning in computing / computer science, and helping them grasp the big concepts.



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CS4FN Summer 2005

From mathematical ringtones to distributed computing, this magazine from Queens University of London covers a variety of interesting and fun computer science topics in an easily accessible way. Also included are:

• Optical illusions and the way our brain works

• The history and future of email spam...

CS4FN Issue 2

The magazine that presents the fun side of computer science. This issue includes:

• Artificial intelligence and mobile phone gaming

• Human error and human-computer interfaces

• Simple game algorithms

• The ‘first cyborg’

• The life of Alexander Graham Bell

• Viral...

CS4FN Issue 3

This issue of the magazine, presenting the fun side of computer science, includes articles on:

• The nature of artificial intelligence

• Computer generated images and motion capture in the movies

• The efficiency of insect brains

• JPEGs and the psychology of image compression


CS4FN Issue 4

This issue of Computer Science for Fun magazine contains interesting articles on:

• DNA data and error correction

• Neural networks

• Biometrics and security

• Computer science and medicine

• Finding a cure for cancer – links to computer science

• Dust-sized computers



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