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The cs4fn magazine is a magazine on the fun side of all things to do with computer science. The authors write up computing research in a fun and accessible way that puts across their enthusiasm for the subject. Unplugged computing, computational thinking and practical applications of computers in many areas are included. This collection is ideal for helping students contextualise their learning in computing / computer science, and helping them grasp the big concepts.


CS4FN Issue 5

This special issue of Computer Science for Fun magazine is entitled ‘The Perception Deception’, and looks at computer science illusions

It includes articles covering:

• Experimental methods in computer science

• Head-up displays and Pepper’s Ghost

• Mobile technology and a ‘virtual...

CS4FN Issue 6

This special issue of Computer Science for Fun is entitled ‘Computer Science Everywhere’, and looks at the ubiquity of computer technology. It features a range of well-written articles on:

• Mediascapes – location-sensitive multimedia

• Closed circuit video analysis – computing challenges


CS4FN Issue 7

A special issue of Computer Science for Fun focused on computers and images, containing articles on:

• Fractals

• Using Geomlab for tessellating images

• The golden ratio and beauty

• Robot artists

• The painter’s algorithm for drawing 3D graphics

• Communicating ideas...

CS4FN Issue 8

This issue of Computer Science for Fun is entitled ‘Computer Science in Space’, and explores the role of computers in space exploration and astronomy.

It includes articles covering:

• Computer scientists working for NASA

• GPS and computer art projects that love your data

• Computers,...


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