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The cs4fn magazine is a magazine on the fun side of all things to do with computer science. The authors write up computing research in a fun and accessible way that puts across their enthusiasm for the subject. Unplugged computing, computational thinking and practical applications of computers in many areas are included. This collection is ideal for helping students contextualise their learning in computing / computer science, and helping them grasp the big concepts.


CS4FN Issue 9

This edition of Computer Science for Fun is entitled ‘The Earth Issue’, and features computer science applications that are environmentally friendly or that have helped scientists researching our planet.

The articles include:

• The power efficiency of the human brain vs modern computers


CS4FN Issue 10

This edition of Computer Science for Fun concentrates on mobile computing, with articles ranging across:

• Book promotion with QR codes

• What the slow art movement did to email

• Robots in close relationships with humans

• Breaking down social barriers with technology

• Language...

CS4FN Issue 11

This computer animation special is issue 11 of the series Computer Science for Fun. It features a range of articles covering:

• The history of computer animation

• Animation basics

• Automata – precursors to computers

• Soap bubbles and the Travelling Salesman Problem

• Motion...

CS4FN Issue 12

The fashion issue of Computer Science for Fun includes articles covering:

• Wearable technology in sport and the celebrity world

• Card tricks

• Recognition and mood analysis using data from monitoring walking patterns

• Naked robots

• Iron Man suit technology

• Living with...


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