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The cs4fn magazine is a magazine on the fun side of all things to do with computer science. The authors write up computing research in a fun and accessible way that puts across their enthusiasm for the subject. Unplugged computing, computational thinking and practical applications of computers in many areas are included. This collection is ideal for helping students contextualise their learning in computing / computer science, and helping them grasp the big concepts.


CS4FN Issue 13

This issue of Computer Science for fun is entitled ‘Faces’ – it looks at the importance of a face in computer science, and includes articles on:

• TactileFace – a printer for the visually impaired

• Modelling continental drift

• Describing faces – Face Space

• Facially expressive robots...

CS4FN Issue 14

To mark the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Alan Turing, this edition of Computer Science for Fun explores his world-changing ideas. It includes articles on:

• The life and work of Alan Turing, and how the world has changed since then.

• Modern internet encryption

• Hiding information in...

CS4FN Issue 15

This edition of Computer Science for Fun looks at human-computer interaction (HCI), and how designers aim to make computers that feel good to use. The articles cover:

• ‘Invoked computing’ – camouflaged computers

• HCI and F1 steering wheels

• Cheating robots

• Handshaking – tuning into...

CS4FN Issue 16

The language of computer science and programming is the focus of this edition of Computer Science for Fun. The articles cover:

• Arabic programming language

• White-hat hackers and penetration testing

• The Chinese Room thought experiment and artificial intelligence

• TuneTrace – ‘...


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