Activity Books

This collection from SMILE contains resources with a variety of activities for students from Key Stages Two to Four.

They cover mathematical reasoning to develop thinking skills, using spreadsheets, whole school projects and transition from Key Stage Two to Three.



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Bridging Units

This resource from SMILE Mathematics provides materials for two units of work that can be used in Key Stage Two and Key Stage Three. They provide an opportunity for curriculum continuity for students transferring from primary to secondary school, although they can be used as standalone units in each phase. Each...

Whole School Mathematics Projects

This resource from SMILE contains eight projects to enrich students' experiences of mathematics.

The projects are:

Fair and unfair games - applying ideas of probability

Fractals - investigating area, perimeter, ratio and the concept of infinity


SMILE Spreadsheets

This resource from SMILE Mathematics contains 20 activities for using spreadsheets to solve mathematical problems in the classroom, rather than gaining spreadsheet skills in the computer room. By encouraging students to use spreadsheets when appropriate to the mathematics, they can be an aid to the development of...

Mathematical reasoning: activities for developing thinking skills

This resource from SMILE Mathematics contains 27 activities with full teacher's notes and answers.

The activities cover:

Integers, powers and roots: Some sums, Half time scores, Tower of Hanoi

Written methods: Largest product

Equations, formulae...