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Mathematical reasoning: activities for developing thinking skills

This resource from SMILE Mathematics contains 27 activities with full teacher's notes and answers.

The activities cover:

Integers, powers and roots: Some sums, Half time scores, Tower of Hanoi

Written methods: Largest product

Equations, formulae and identities: Number pyramids

Sequences, functions and graphs: Shapes and numbers, Up the stairs, Dots, Odd and even chains, 4 in a line, Boxing areas, Frogs puzzle, How many squares?

Geometrical reasoning: lines, angles and shapes: Mobius band, Wiggly tessellations, Without looking, Shapes from triangles, Painted cubes

Transformations: Shapes from squares, Symmetry investigation, Quarters, Tessellating pentominoes

Construction: Drawing integer triangles

Measures and mensuration: Origami boxes, Panorama, Polygons, Follow the path

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