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This collection contains a number of science-related resources for use at STEM clubs.


Cleaning your teeth

A set of activities from the Crest Awards project around the subject of tooth brushes and toothpaste.  The bronze activity focuses on making and evaluating a toothpaste. The silver activity is about researching and testing toothpastes currently available on the market. The gold activity focuses on comparing and...

Forces and Recycling

Aimed at older primary level, these resources help to put curriculum science in a real life context and provide many opportunities for working scientifically. They link to work on forces aiming to extend understanding to the application of forces used in sorting and recycling materials. Children investigate...

Prepare your own Solar Cell

Renewable energy is generally considered as being from an energy resource that is replaced rapidly by a natural process such as power generated from the sun or from the wind. Most renewable forms of energy, other than geothermal and wave power, ultimately come from the sun. Visible light can be converted directly...

Milk of Magnesia Extemporaneous Preparation

This activity, from the Royal Society of Chemistry, involves the preparation of milk of magnesia used as a treatment for indigestion. It is an example of an inorganic compound which can be used as a medicine and is an alternative to the more traditional preparation of inorganic salts such as copper (II) sulphate....


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