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This collection contains a number of science-related resources for use at STEM clubs.



This practical activity outlines how to grow plants hydroponically in the classroom. It aims to give students an understanding of the basic growth needs of plants. It also shows how hydroponics can be utilised to provide food to humans as our population expands.

This technique can be expanded in a number of...


The Spacelink Learning Foundation is a UK Registered Charity dedicated to the use of space to improve education in secondary schools. The Foundation’s Education Policy is to encourage the maximum number of schools and other groups throughout the world to gain experience of, and benefit from, the use of space-...


Sun|trek is an educational website about the Sun, our star, and its effect on the Earth's environment. It has been produced by a team of solar research scientists, working with teachers and educators. It is closely linked to the UK school curriculum Sun|trek have produced projects for schools, at Key Stage 4, using...

Make a bird feeder

This activity requires children to make a bird feeder. Through this activity children will learn about the changing seasons and what birds eat during the year.


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