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This collection contains a number of science-related resources for use at STEM clubs.


Building a telescope

A classroom activity where students make a simple telescope (using lenses and cardboard tubes)  that uses two different types of lens to magnify distant objects, and then find out how it works.

Cosy winter homes

An activity to build an animal shelter for the winter which provides suggestions for the range (and types) of materials required.

Pulp to paper (in forces and recycling)

Pulp to paper is activity 5 in the resource booklet Forces and Recycling. Children pulp newspaper and use it to make a sheet of recycled paper.

Cut-out models of ESA spacecraft

Templates for cut-out and stick paper models of various ESA spacecraft.


* Cassini simple model kit

* Cassini advanced model kit

* Integral model kit

* ISO model kit

* Mars Express model kit

* Soho model kit

* Ariane 4 model kit

* Gaia model...


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