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This collection contains a number of science-related resources for use at STEM clubs.


Big Schools' Birdwatch Games

This resource, suitable for primary learners, contains a colouring sheet to aid learning about the parts of a bird and two games which support the identification of birds. The ‘top trumps’ style game helps with the identification of common birds, looking at various characteristics and facts about the birds. A...

Big Schools' Birdwatch Stories

Aimed at primary level, this resource contains two bright and colourful story books which look at identification of birds and the different types of food eaten by different birds.

The presentations, ‘Bouncy Blackbird’ and ‘Cheeky Sparrow’ could provide a starting point for an investigation about beak...

Big Schools' Birdwatch Survey

This resource provides recording sheets for spotting different kinds of birds, supporting children to identify and count the number of different birds that they see. Containing pictures of commonly seen garden birds, they are differentiated for different year groups and/or abilities within a class. Welsh language...

Chlorophyll fluorescence

From Solar Spark, this activity allows students to see how chlorophyll can be energised and how this causes it to fluoresce. Chlorophyll in plant leaves absorb red light and pass the energy on to other parts of the plant, hence leaves look green. But if there is nowhere for the energy to go, it gets released as...


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