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This collection contains a number of science-related resources for use at STEM clubs.


Chromatography of Leaves

In this classic experiment, from the Royal Society of chemistry, students use propanone to separate the pigments in a leaf. Chopping up the leaves, and grinding them up with propanone releases the pigments. Propanone is also the solvent used to separate the pigments. The resource is set out as teachers' notes...

Build an aphid isolation tower

In this resource students use a plastic bottle to isolate a plant and see the effects of an aphid infestation.

A propagator for small plants or seedlings

In this activity students make a simple plant propagator and grow plants from seeds.

Polymer worms

Sodium alginate is one of the structural polymers that helps to build the cell walls of plants like brown seaweed and kelp. It can be extracted for a wide range of uses. Alginate is a common food additive, E400, used as a thickener, stabiliser and gelling agent. Calcium alginate (a cross-linked polymer) is used in...


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