In these videos, STEM Ambassadors describe why they took on the role and the benefits both for the students they visit and for themselves. The first video, Auditioning the STEM Ambassadors, was made by students who tested 16 STEM Ambassador finalists of a competition to choose a number who would feature in a series of Teacher's TV films. The other six films feature some of these finalists, Charlotte Bailey: Trainee Plant Analyst, Chris Styles: Applications Engineer, Faye Cashman: Spacecraft Engineer, Graham Gannon: Entrepreneur, Leo Garcia: PhD Student at the Institute of Cancer Research and Sheila Kanani: Planetary Scientist. Each video lasts around 14 minutes.

These videos were created in 2009.

STEM Ambassadors are volunteers of all ages working in a range of STEM-related roles from apprentice engineers to geologists and nuclear physicists to zoologists. Not only do they have a lot of fun, but they get an opportunity to contribute to their local community and boost their skills and confidence. 



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Auditioning the STEM Ambassadors

This video shows the process of auditioning 16 STEM Ambassadors hoping to take part in a series of Teachers TV films profiling their work experience. The 16 finalists were challenged to enthuse and engage the panel of judges, a group of schoolchildren, with a five-minute activity. The video introduces the project...

Charlotte Bailey: Trainee Plant Analyst

Charlotte Bailey works at Sellafield nuclear power plant as an Apprentice Plant Analyst. In this video she describes her work at Sellafield, monitoring for contamination of the environment by nuclear waste. Although she did not have previous science qualifications, Charlotte now has a detailed knowledge of...

Chris Styles: Applications Engineer

Chris Styles is a Senior Applications Engineer at ARM, a company that specialises in designing computer chips for mobile phones. In this video, Chris talks about his job finding new uses for the computer chips by inventing new technological devices. 

As a STEM Ambassador, Chris has been working with local...

Faye Cashman: Spacecraft Engineer

Faye Cashman is a Systems Engineer at Astrium in Portsmouth. In this video, Faye describes her work with all sorts of spacecraft systems such as communication satellites and the Mars Rover. She is currently working on a new telescope which will, in time, replace the Hubble telescope and uses infrared to see...


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