Charlotte Bailey: Trainee Plant Analyst

Charlotte Bailey works at Sellafield nuclear power plant as an Apprentice Plant Analyst. In this video she describes her work at Sellafield, monitoring for contamination of the environment by nuclear waste. Although she did not have previous science qualifications, Charlotte now has a detailed knowledge of nuclear science and the safety issues involved. In this video, Charlotte returns to her old school to run a STEM Club for Year Nine students and encourages them to take part in some fun and explosive experiments such as the methane plume, screaming jelly baby and red lead volcano. The video shows a number of these experiments, how to do them and some discussion about them. Charlotte also describes her life as a scientist, what she enjoys and how she would encourage others to take up science as a profession. The students can relate to her as someone who was in their position only five years before. "The most fulfilling part about doing it [being a STEM Ambassador] is seeing the people that are already that little bit interested and helping them think of ways of getting into that sort of industry".

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