Chris Styles: Applications Engineer

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Chris Styles is a Senior Applications Engineer at ARM, a company that specialises in designing computer chips for mobile phones. In this video, Chris talks about his job finding new uses for the computer chips by inventing new technological devices. 

As a STEM Ambassador, Chris has been working with local schools to develop a project for use in teaching electronic engineering by making the technology easily accessible to students. Through Project Embed, students have, over four years, developed a product which is commercially attractive.

Chris now takes this device into schools and uses it to conduct experiments which allow students to, for example, control robots and capture the trajectory of a space rocket. Students soon learn how to relate mathematics to programming and controlling a robot while others practise design and technology skills in designing a rocket and use physics to plan a trajectory.

"I'd hope some of them have gone away inspired. They've used technology that, although they don't know it, they have in their pockets in their cell phones, in mobile devices. In some ways they've seen what's on the other side of the plastic case. I'd hope that would make them think more about the technology they have around them and how they can actually get involved in it".

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