This set of starting activities cover a wide range of topics leading directly into the mathematics syllabus for AS level. The risps are grouped by topic and each risp has accompanying teachers' notes.

Topics for AS level mathematics included in this resource are:

*Basic Algebra
*Coordinate Geometry
*Curve Sketching
*Uncertainty and Inequalities
*Indices and Surds
*The Language of Mathematics and Proof
*Sequences and Series



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Basic Algebra

Three RISP activities designed to introduce or consolidate basic algebraic skills.

Brackets Out, Brackets In: students are asked to insert integers into a statement containing brackets in order to...

Coordinate Geometry

Seven RISP activities covering a range of topics, each one having some activity which explores coordinate geometry.

Circle Property:...


The first of three RISP activities exporing polynomials, The Gold and Silver Cuboid requires students to find a connection...

Curve Sketching

Five RISP starters revise ideas of polynomials and curve-sketching, cover expanding brackets, solving equations graphically, and knowing how to sketch the graphs of curves.