This set of starting activities cover a wide range of topics leading directly into the mathematics syllabus for AS level. The risps are grouped by topic and each risp has accompanying teachers' notes.

Topics for AS level mathematics included in this resource are:

*Basic Algebra
*Coordinate Geometry
*Curve Sketching
*Uncertainty and Inequalities
*Indices and Surds
*The Language of Mathematics and Proof
*Sequences and Series


Uncertainty and Inequalities

This RISP, Almost Identical, is an activity designed to consolidate work on hyperbolics, exponentials...

Indices and Surds

This RISP activity from can be used when either consolidating or revising ideas of curve-sketching and indices. The numbers phi, e and pi are used in this investigation where students are asked to estimate the size numbers generated when raising these numbers to different powers. It is suggested that a graphing...

The Language of Mathematics and Proof

This RISP activity is ideal for introducing, consolidating or revising the idea of proof using a mathematical argument and appropriate use of logiocal deduction.

Students are asked to choose two triangular numbers and...

Sequences and Series

Sequence Tiles requires students to define a position to term rule for a sequence and is extended to iterative sequences, using the set of cards given. Students have to decide the nature of their sequence: convergent and divergent increasing, decreasing...


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