This set of starting activities cover a wide range of topics leading directly into the mathematics syllabus for AS level. The risps are grouped by topic and each risp has accompanying teachers' notes.

Topics for AS level mathematics included in this resource are:

*Basic Algebra
*Coordinate Geometry
*Curve Sketching
*Uncertainty and Inequalities
*Indices and Surds
*The Language of Mathematics and Proof
*Sequences and Series



This RISP activity introduces the subject of differentiation. Rather than start from first principles or learning a rule, the activity suggests using a graphing package to generate data. Starting with a quadratic graph, students find the gradient of the curve using a straight line graph and are encouraged arrive at...

Risps for AS Level Core: Integration

Two RISP activities designed for students to explore or consolidate ideas about integration.

Introducing e requires students to use a graphing package to explore a variety of functions of the form y...


This RISP activity gives students four properties - one side is 3cm, one angle is 90 degrees, one side is 4cm and one angle is thirty degrees. Students are required to find as many triangles as they can which contain any three of these four properties. Once the triangles have been found, students are asked to find...


RISP activity Building Log Equations requires students to form equations given a set of cards and to determine, with examples, whether the equation is always, sometimes or...


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