The Jonny Griffiths mathematics collection

Jonny Griffiths is an experienced classroom mathematics teacher, who has also written for the ATM (Association of Teachers of Mathematics), HarperCollins, Hodder, Imperial College, MEI (Mathematics in Education and Industry), Underground Mathematics and is the creator of the A level mathematics competition 'Ritangle'.

This collection brings together a series of open-ended, investigative activities, mainly for the A level classroom, written by Jonny Griffiths. The collection includes the Risps, Further Risps, Making Statistics Vital, Digitisers and Carom materials.



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This collection of starting activities for A level mathematics is intended to enrich the post-16 learning of mathematics students in lots of A Level classrooms. All risps tackle topics from either AS/A2 Core (Pure) Mathematics or the Further Mathematics syllabus, with the aim of making learning more exploratory and...

This Making Statistics Vital collection consists of forty independent activities covering the topics of exploring data, data presentation, measures of centre and spread, probability, discrete random variables, binomial distribution, the Poisson distribution, the normal distribution, sampling and hypothesis testing...

Digitisers: puzzles for GCSE and A Level maths students

This resource from Jonny Griffiths contains a range of puzzles designed for 14 to 17 year old maths students. In each puzzle, the digits one to six have been rubbed out and replaced with six squares labelled a to f. The task is to put the digits back in again correctly to make each statement true...

Carom Maths

Carom Maths provide this resource which contains a collection of 40 PowerPoint presentations that include activities, designed by Jonny Griffiths, to explore mathematics not found on the A Level syllabus.

It is a useful reference for teachers who want to give students the opportunity of learning something...