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Coordinate Geometry

Seven RISP activities covering a range of topics, each one having some activity which explores coordinate geometry.

Circle Property: Students generate two coordinates. The coordinates form the end points of the diameter of a circle. Students have to find the equation of the circle formed, compare their results with colleagues and explain their findings.

Circles or Not?: Students use a graph plotter to alter the coefficients of the equation of a circle and explore which values produce a circle and why.

Tangents: Explores the equation of a tangent to a quadratic. Students are asked to use a graph plotter to draw a quadratic graph of the form y=x2 + a2, then draw a line y=kx altering the value of k until the line is a tangent to the curve. Students then form a relationship between k and a.

More Venn diagrams: A Venn diagram is given with the three sets defined. Students have to generate a pair of straight lines for each region. The activity is repeated for quadratic equations.

Six Parabolas: Students explore the properties of six quadratic graphs using a graph plotter.

Advanced Arithmogons: Extends the idea of numerical arithmogons to coordinate geometry, algebraic fractions, product rule and quotient rule.

Parabolic Clues: Students have to identify the equation of a parabola given four properties. The twist to this activity is that a quadratic can be found which has any three properties but in each case not the fourth property.

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