Inclusive Science

Inclusive Science gathers together a variety of activities, investigations, games and quizzes. The wide selection of materials encourage and enable students, and allow teachers to tailor activities to students' needs. The collection was a collaborative project between the Association for Science Education (ASE) and the National Association for Special Educational Needs (NASEN). The resource collections are: * Investigations and projects * Focus activities * Words, symbols and pictures * SEN in the science department Regulations made under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 require a risk assessment to be carried out before hazardous chemicals are used or made, harmful micro-organisms used or a hazardous procedure is carried out.



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Focus Activities

This sub-collection includes shorter activities which can make effective starter and plenary activities, helping students to engage and further their understanding. The resources are:  

  • Mr Zippy's Trainers: This brings together the ideas of friction, air resistance and materials using clear language...

These are science resources will encourage and enable students to get involved with practical science. A wide selection of materials is presented within each resource, allowing a teacher to tailor the activities for a specific group of students.

The resources in this section are:

*Coastline Protection...

This set of ideas, resources and materials help students develop a greater understanding of the language used in science. Reinforcing keywords helps students to become more familiar with scientific vocabulary, enabling them to progress with more confidence. The approaches here could easily be used in other areas of...

This section refers to activities which took place in 2002 and related to special educational needs and inclusion, with comments and guidance specific to science. The resources in this section are: *STRATA Schemes of Work: The Cambridgeshire SEN Science Project brought together a group of special schools to develop...

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