Focus Activities

This sub-collection includes shorter activities which can make effective starter and plenary activities, helping students to engage and further their understanding. The resources are:  

  • Mr Zippy's Trainers: This brings together the ideas of friction, air resistance and materials using clear language and simple animated presentations
  • Supportive Worksheets: A selection of well presented worksheets incorporating diagrams and with clear use of language, on topics across the science curriculum.


Mr Zippy's Trainers

This ASE interactive animation looks at materials and their properties and forces and how they are applied to a real life situation. It requires children to choose aspects of trainers that will keep Mr. Zippy's feet dry and help him to run fast. The students then design their own trainer on screen using 'drag and...

Supportive Worksheets

A selection of worksheets and support material, provided by ASE, for use in mainstream science. Worksheet topics include the water cycle, structure of a plant, pressure, adaptation, states of matter, the heart and the carbon cycle.

There are twelve resource books in the whole series and this is a sample of...

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