Investigations and Projects

These are science resources will encourage and enable students to get involved with practical science. A wide selection of materials is presented within each resource, allowing a teacher to tailor the activities for a specific group of students.

The resources in this section are:

*Coastline Protection: students investigate what will make the best mixture of materials for coastline protection. Role plays, pictures and age appropriate materials lead the students into the investigation with a multi-sensory approach.

*Microscale Chemistry: an alternative and ingenious approach to chemistry experiments. This uses clear plastic transparency sheets placed on top of the worksheets on which students will investigate the reactions.

*Fast Plants: ideas and resource sheets for investigating plants and flowers in the classroom.

*Science Passport: a useful template for activities bridging science topics between primary and secondary schools. The adapted version will be more suitable for some students, incorporating pictures, clearer language and a larger layout.

*Perfumes and Smelling: a different way to approach separating mixtures, including other ideas relating to senses and smelling.

*Citizenship and Farming: what does organic mean? Is organic food healthier? Activities include interactive material, drama and debate as part of this citizenship resource.

*Let's Investigate: an approach to investigations for students with specific, moderate or severe learning difficulties in a special school. The ideas used to help the individual students progress can be applied to any mainstream or special school situation.



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Coastline Protection

This resource is a full investigation with additional activities using a variety of multi-sensory approaches where students are experimenting to make the best protective sea wall.

These are activities on the theme of...

Microscale Chemistry

This activity is provided by ASE and describes a novel way to conduct a number of chemistry experiments on a small scale with clearly visible results and needing a minimum of equipment.

The resource contains...

Fast Plants

This range of practical activities and resources provided by ASE is aimed to teach about plants and flowers in schools.Growing fast plants can provide rewarding results in a short time span and the ideas encourage all students to be involved with the activities....

Science Passport

This resource published by ASE provides a template for successful bridging activities in the transition between primary and secondary schools. Science Passport offers a choice of investigations and structured follow-ups relevant to school science. The adapted version...