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1 - Children Learning Through Science

The ASE booklet Children Learning Through Science comprises nine short case studies of work carried out in primary school classes. They are described as providing successful examples of how the teacher leads the work in response to the children’s question, interests and...

1. Electrical Testing

This Association for Science Education (ASE) publication about electrical testing was developed in association with a company called Square D Ltd in Swindon, Wiltshire. At the time of publication Square D was a major manufacturer of electrical equipment, operating more...

10. Electronics of Control Systems

In these experiments students make and test circuits to investigate a range of effects:

Section A: Transforming a d.c. power supply
*Experiment A(i): Step-up voltage regulator
*Experiment A(ii): Step-down voltage regulator
*Experiment A(iii): High current step-down regulator

100 Years of Radium: Marie Curie and the History of Radiochemistry

This book, published by the Association for Science Education (ASE) and The British Society for the History of Science, celebrates the life and work of Marie Curie and the subsequent developments in radiochemistry.

The book focuses on the development and applications of radiochemistry and is set out in a...

This item is one of over 25,000 physical resources available from the Resources Collection. The Archive Collection covers over 50 years of curriculum development in the STEM subjects. The Contemporary Collection includes all the latest publications from UK educational publishers.

12. Physics of Fluid Flow

This Association for Science Education (ASE) publication about the physics of fluid flow was developed in association with the Dowty Group,. At the time, the company had four divisions that were Aerospace and Defence, Mining, Industrial, and Electronics. The Group...

13. Plant Tissue Culture

This Association for Science Education (ASE) publication about plant tissue culture was developed in association with Unilever plc. At the time Unilever was a major producer of consumer goods: mainly food and drinks, detergents and toilet preparations.


This book is part of the Archive Collection which is available to view at the National STEM Learning Centre.

2 - List of Books

The ASE List of Books provides a very comprehensive list of publications relating to science for teachers and students as current at the time (1966). The list is helpfully separated into topics and there is an index. The list comprises authors, titles and publishers...

2. Optical Fibres in School Physics

This Association for Science Education (ASE) publication about optical fibres was developed in association with the General Electric Company (GEC). At the time of publication GEC was the largest manufacturer of electrical and electronic products in the United Kingdom,...


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