Science upd8

These resources have been produced by the Association for Science Education (ASE) and the Centre for Science Education at Sheffield Hallam University. Based on contemporary issues, they help to make science accessible, relevant and engaging to secondary school students. The range of resources utilises a variety of teaching and learning strategies. They cover all areas of the science curriculum and provide materials such as activity sheets, simulations, video clips and teacher guidance.



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Einstein Flip

This activity from Science upd8 focuses on physicist Helen Czerski who, in order to celebrate Einstein year in 2005, worked out a new bike stunt.

It involved a BMX rider performing a full-loop against gravity using curved surfaces to go upside-down. This activity communicates the excitement of physics and...

Mobiles for Kids?

This Science upd8 resource examines what proof there is that mobile telephones are harmful. Policy makers usually follow the precautionary principle. They issue warnings at the first hint of danger. Should we take their advice? In this discussion activity, students judge the risks and the strength of the evidence...


In this Science upd8 activity students analyse information and evidence about homeopathy to decide whether it is based on scientific theory. They then choose the best arguments for and against homeopathy to decide whether they would use it, and whether it should be freely available to all.

Double Blind

This Science upd8 activity draws on clinical trials. Eight young volunteers had been in clinical trials before, but this time things went horribly wrong. Six of the eight were left fighting for their lives. In this discussion activity students consider whether new treatments should be ever tested on human...