Science upd8

These resources have been produced by the Association for Science Education (ASE) and the Centre for Science Education at Sheffield Hallam University. Based on contemporary issues, they help to make science accessible, relevant and engaging to secondary school students. The range of resources utilises a variety of teaching and learning strategies. They cover all areas of the science curriculum and provide materials such as activity sheets, simulations, video clips and teacher guidance.



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Cell structure and function. This Science upd8 activity focuses on the medical careers students could pursue, by applying knowledge about cells, tissues and organs and their science skills.

Students take on the role of a hospital Family Liaison Officer who has to research various aspects of cell biology and...

Time Raiders - Death of the Mummy

In this Science upd8 activity, students evaluate evidence from a recently discovered mummy to work out how it lived and how it died. Through so doing, they learn about the function of its preserved tissues and organs.

New Faces

This activity from the Science upd8 explores the science and ethics of face transplants. How are the operations performed, and why must recipients take drugs to suppress their immune system for the rest of their lives? Who deserves face transplants? Just those who have suffered in accidents or those who simply feel...

Love on the Brain

This Science upd8 resource focuses on the human brain. Four areas of the brain are activated when you fall madly in love. At the same time, two areas linked with depression, are deactivated. Students discover how using MRI scans shows the brain's 'love locations', look at nerves and the brain as an organ and remind...