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These resources have been produced by the Association for Science Education (ASE) and the Centre for Science Education at Sheffield Hallam University. Based on contemporary issues, they help to make science accessible, relevant and engaging to secondary school students.

The range of resources utilises a variety of teaching and learning strategies. They cover all areas of the science curriculum and provide materials such as activity sheets, simulations, video clips and teacher guidance.


Santa 2025

Santa may decide to move to another planet! In this fun activity from Science upd8 students analyse planetary data to find which planet best satisfies Santa's future requirements.

Is Life a Dream?

This activity from Science upd8 is linked to the subject of the universe which seems just too perfect! Everything about it seems tailor-made to make sure humans would evolve.

Could an advanced civilization have "fixed it" for us? Some top scientists think it's a serious possibility. In this discussion...

Bulb Danger

This Science upd8 activity draws on a recent Government warning about poisonous mercury from low energy light bulbs being a risk to users.

But is this risk worth the benefits of using low energy light bulbs? In this activity students rank risks and benefits to help them decide.


This resource from Science upd8 looks into examples of electronic equipment such as: mobiles, cameras and music players which all require their own chargers.

Instead of each device needing its own charger, we may soon be able to recharge them just by putting them on a plastic-coated pad the size of a mouse...


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