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These resources have been produced by the Association for Science Education (ASE) and the Centre for Science Education at Sheffield Hallam University. Based on contemporary issues, they help to make science accessible, relevant and engaging to secondary school students.

The range of resources utilises a variety of teaching and learning strategies. They cover all areas of the science curriculum and provide materials such as activity sheets, simulations, video clips and teacher guidance.


New Womb?

US doctors are planning the world's first ever womb transplant. In this Science upd8 activity, students become an NHS ethics and funding committee. They consider ethical arguments and decide whether or not the NHS should fund non-vital transplants, like those of wombs, hands and faces.

Brain Power Booster

This Science upd8 activity investigates the claim that taking fish oil every day boosts students' school performance. The original study had no control. In this activity, students plan how to get more evidence on the effects of fish oils.

Healthy Chocolate

This Science upd8 resource revolves around the concepts of evidence and validity. A chocolate manufacturer claims its new, high cocoa bar is good for your heart.

But is it? This is the context for teaching students how to evaluate evidence and the 'how science works' concept of validity. The activity is...

Is it Terminal for Teflon?

This Science upd8 resource focuses on the chemical PFOA (perflurooctanoic acid), which is used in Teflon manufacture and is reportedly linked with an increase in the risk of developing allergies. In this activity students examine some of the evidence surrounding PFOA and consider a range of viewpoints.


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