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Accident and Emergency

In this Science upd8 activity students take on the role of a hospital Family Liaison Officer. They carry out research around cells, tissues and organs and then explain a patient's injuries using this knowledge. The activity can help to broaden students' ideas about careers in medicine.

Addicted to energy

In this activity from Science upd8 students think about carbon footprints and which goods and services cause the biggest carbon dioxide emissions. What choices can be made to minimise emissions? This topical activity helps the student to make informed choices regarding the carbon dioxide emissions of a range of...

Boys, Girls and Chimps

This Science upd8 activity draws on research which shows that young female chimps learn survival skills faster and more effectively than males.

Their sex-based learning differences are similar to those of humans! In this activity students look at research evidence and decide whether learning differences are...

Brain Power Booster

This Science upd8 activity investigates the claim that taking fish oil every day boosts students' school performance. The original study had no control. In this activity, students plan how to get more evidence on the effects of fish oils.

Bulb Danger

This Science upd8 activity draws on a recent Government warning about poisonous mercury from low energy light bulbs being a risk to users.

But is this risk worth the benefits of using low energy light bulbs? In this activity students rank risks and benefits to help them decide.


This resource from Science upd8 looks into examples of electronic equipment such as: mobiles, cameras and music players which all require their own chargers.

Instead of each device needing its own charger, we may soon be able to recharge them just by putting them on a plastic-coated pad the size of a mouse...


The Science upd8 activity introduces the concept of validity in the design of scientific experiments. Based on the card game 'Cheat', the scenario is a scientific conference where scientists are learning about, and criticising, each others' work. Students have a series of cards which contain different claims and...

CSI 5/11 - Murder in the Park

In this Science upd8 activity students perform a CSI investigation to find the murderer in the park on Guy Fawkes' Night. They encounter a variety of science on the way, from rocket science to electron energy levels. They learn how those colour-giving electrons that make fireworks so much fun, fit into the atoms...


This Science upd8 resource draws on cyclone Sidr which hit Bangladesh in November 2007. Millions were left homeless and 3,000 people were killed. The activity asks students to look at how cyclones happen and addresses the common misconception that air is 'nothing' and weightless.

Death of an Angel

In this Science upd8 activity students take on the role of forensic science technicians who are acting as expert witnesses for the murder of Angel. By analysing blood splatter patterns, they check whether the murder weapon used was a hammer. They also watch a demonstration of a blood viscosity test to check whether...


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