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These resources have been produced by the Association for Science Education (ASE) and the Centre for Science Education at Sheffield Hallam University. Based on contemporary issues, they help to make science accessible, relevant and engaging to secondary school students.

The range of resources utilises a variety of teaching and learning strategies. They cover all areas of the science curriculum and provide materials such as activity sheets, simulations, video clips and teacher guidance.


Death of an Angel

In this Science upd8 activity students take on the role of forensic science technicians who are acting as expert witnesses for the murder of Angel. By analysing blood splatter patterns, they check whether the murder weapon used was a hammer. They also watch a demonstration of a blood viscosity test to check whether...


This Science upd8 resource draws on cyclone Sidr which hit Bangladesh in November 2007. Millions were left homeless and 3,000 people were killed. The activity asks students to look at how cyclones happen and addresses the common misconception that air is 'nothing' and weightless.

Making Rain

Can we solve the problem of summer water shortages by making rain? In this Science upd8 activity students learn about the significance of droplet size in natural rain formation. They then look at Chinese experiences of 'cloud seeding' before annotating a graphic to show how it works.

Pirates Treasure Mystery

This Science upd8 activity is inspired by the film Pirates of the Caribbean. What are the contents of the treasure chest? What metal is the key made of? What happened to the treasure after decades under the sea?


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