Polar explorer

This selection of resources were created as part of the Polar Explorer programme in 2019, funded by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and managed by STEM Learning Ltd.  The aim of the programme was to highlight the commissioning and building of the polar research ship RRS Sir David Attenborough and Boaty McBoatface, its automated submersible. 

The resources provide activities and guidance to support schools to enrich the teaching of STEM subjects, by using the context of the construction and launch of the ship, and of polar science.

More details about the programme can be found on the British Antarctic Survey website.




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Ocean Grabber

In this resource learners will explore why scientists are engaged in research at the bottom of the Antarctic and Arctic Oceans. They will understand the importance of collecting samples of organisms...

Autosub 6000 Ocean Floor Mission

In this resource learners will use Scratch, to debug and then improve a program to move Autosub6000 around the ocean floor, photographing samples found.   The remote movement will be controlled through a keyboard’s arrow keys initially and then the children will be challenged to create a program which will move...

Ice breaker

In this resource learners will explore the relationship between a ship’s hull and the job it does. In particular, the lesson will look at the difficult job a polar ship faces when having to break through sea ice and the importance of the...

Chromatography atmosphere

Surrounding the Earth, like a blanket, is the atmosphere. Without it we couldn’t survive. The atmosphere is a layer of gases, the air, which plants and animals use to respire. It is made up of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen, as well as many other gases in much smaller quantities.

This unit gives children a...


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