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This selection of resources were created as part of the Polar Explorer programme in 2019, funded by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and managed by STEM Learning Ltd.  The aim of the programme was to highlight the commissioning and building of the polar research ship RRS Sir David Attenborough and Boaty McBoatface, its automated submersible. 

The resources provide activities and guidance to support schools to enrich the teaching of STEM subjects, by using the context of the construction and launch of the ship, and of polar science.

More details about the programme can be found on the British Antarctic Survey website.




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Web of Wildlife (Age 7 to 11)

This resource, produced by ARKive, is designed to teach key stage two children about food chains, food webs and interdependence in different habitats around the world. A presentation using high quality images introduces the structure of simple food chains, food webs and how different organisms within ecosystems...

Skeleton Bob

The resources in this Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) collection look at the aerodynamic characteristics of objects. Students explore the requirements of aerodynamic design through testing simple shapes in a wind tunnel. The activities focus on students acquiring an understanding of aerodynamics...

Nice Ideas in One Place: Volume One

The first of two volumes, from SMILE mathematics, of useful and interesting activities covering a wide range of mathematical themes. Teachers describe the ways in which they have used the ideas in the classroom and provide a number of tips and suggestions to help vary...

Danger: Rogue Waves

This Mathematics Matters case study, from the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, looks at how mathematical models try to understand the causes of rogue waves. These huge waves appear without warning, towering high over ships and oil rigs. Traditional mathematical models could not predict the occurrence...


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