Polar explorer

This selection of resources were created as part of the Polar Explorer programme in 2019, funded by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and managed by STEM Learning Ltd.  The aim of the programme was to highlight the commissioning and building of the polar research ship RRS Sir David Attenborough and Boaty McBoatface, its automated submersible. 

The resources provide activities and guidance to support schools to enrich the teaching of STEM subjects, by using the context of the construction and launch of the ship, and of polar science.

More details about the programme can be found on the British Antarctic Survey website.




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Can anything live here?

This resource is designed to support learning about the Polar Regions alongside curriculum content. It is laid out in 3 sections. An introduction which sets the scene for looking at survival of plants and animals in the Polar regions, followed by activities for teachers to select...

Microbit and Ship Monitoring

The RRS Sir David Attenborough is the new research vessel that will operate in many hostile conditions whilst carrying out scientific investigations. The ship has 6 degrees of motion – heave, roll, pitch, surge, sway and yaw. The RRS Sir David Attenborough has 2 motion reference units which monitor all of these all...

Engineering careers - Naval architect

In this video you hear from Matt Slater who is a Naval Architect.  He talks about what his job entails such as ship design and ship building, along with how team work is important and other skills such as IT fits into his role.


Watching a Glacier (7-11)

This activity uses satellite images of the Earth to show how a glacier has changed over almost three decades. Children are asked to measure the glacier to find out how much it has changed in size and to compare false-colour images to suggest how this helps us find out more about environmental change. Guidance on...


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