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Molecular geneticist

In this video Helen describes how she became a trainee molecular geneticist at Addenbrookes hospital.  The video could be used to introduce a lesson on  cystic fibrosis, genes, genetic testing, pre-implantation genetic testing, recessive and dominant genes, genetic disorders or genetic screening. 

For additional ideas and resources linked to this film, have a look at:

Changing Futures gene therapylooks at cystic fibrosis from a range of perspectives, including gene therapy, its development and future prospects as a treatment for cystic fibrosis.

Genetic testing: engages students in the debate around genetic testing and screening. It is suitable for students aged 14-16 and post-16. The activity provides an opportunity to investigate genetic disorders before considering a number of statements and situations concerning the social and ethical issues surrounding genetic testing.  The materials are flexible and can be used as part of wider work on the topic or as a lesson in itself. The resource includes guidance on running the activity, discussion cards and information sheets.

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