A set of careers information sheets from Lantra featuring the wide variety of careers in the animal care industry.

The Animal care industry is worth £1 billion to the UK's economy. It has 13,000 businesses, 78,000 employees and lots of volunteers. When talking about the animal care industry, we are generally referring to; boarding kennels, catteries, pet breeders, training, grooming, animal welfare charities, zoos, wildlife parks, public services and performing animals in film and television.



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A career in equine

This information sheet provides an overview to the range of jobs working with horses across the UK. As the industry is so varied, experience gained in one industry may provide the opportunity to move into a different industry.

A career in agricultural livestock production

Science, technology, engineering and maths occupations are widespread in agriculture; productivity through science and technology is key in modern farming 

The livestock industry includes the farming of cattle for milk and beef, sheep and pigs for meat, poultry for meat and eggs, as well as other non-...

A career in animal care

There are currently nearly 223,000 people working in animal care, spread throughout the UK. It is expected that by 2020 the industry will need a minimum of 90,000 new entrants.

A career in animal technology

Animal technology involves the husbandry, care and welfare of laboratory animals in scientific and bio-medical research and the carrying out of authorised procedures.
Animal research provides vital information to inform the development of new drugs and treatments for both humans and animals. The industry is...