This collection from Lantra highlights the many varying careers in the land-based & environmental sector. From groundsman at a premier football ground to owning your own floristry shop, running your own farm or caring for animals, there is plenty to choose from. This collection helps students discover the right role and offers inspiration from real-life case studies.



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A set of careers information sheets from Lantra featuring the wide variety of careers in the animal care industry.

The Animal care industry is...

This selection of career profiles from Lantra looks at the land-based areas of floristry, agriculture and horticulture and the many differing roles within each sub-sector.

A career in fencing

The fencing industry includes residential fencing, agricultural and stock fencing, environmental fencing, high security fencing, electric fencing, automatic gates and access barriers, and vehicle restraint systems (VRS).
Fences, gates and barriers are needed for a number of reasons such as security, public...

A career in land-based engineering

Land-based engineering covers three main areas – the sales, supply of parts and service of agricultural, horticultural, sports turf, landscape and forestry machinery and equipment.


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