A set of careers information sheets from Lantra featuring the wide variety of careers in the animal care industry.

The Animal care industry is worth £1 billion to the UK's economy. It has 13,000 businesses, 78,000 employees and lots of volunteers. When talking about the animal care industry, we are generally referring to; boarding kennels, catteries, pet breeders, training, grooming, animal welfare charities, zoos, wildlife parks, public services and performing animals in film and television.



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A career in animal training and behaviour

A variety of roles exist for those interested in the training and behaviour of animals, which range from dog handler to animal behaviourist, to training captive wild animals in zoos and performing animals for film and television. 

A career in animal welfare

A career in animal welfare can be very rewarding with a variety of jobs open to those interested in the care and welfare of animals. Animal welfare includes animal welfare organisations and charities, rescue centres, inspectors and dog wardens.

A career in aquaculture

Aquaculture is the farming of certain types of freshwater and marine fin fish and shellfish. There is also new technology in the farming of seaweed and sea urchins.

A career in farriery

A Registered Farrier is a very skilled person who is capable of making and fitting horse shoes to suit all types of feet and for all different purposes, including correcting defects.