A set of careers information sheets from Lantra featuring the wide variety of careers in the animal care industry.

The Animal care industry is worth £1 billion to the UK's economy. It has 13,000 businesses, 78,000 employees and lots of volunteers. When talking about the animal care industry, we are generally referring to; boarding kennels, catteries, pet breeders, training, grooming, animal welfare charities, zoos, wildlife parks, public services and performing animals in film and television.



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A career in game and wildlife

The game and wildlife management industry involves the management of the countryside and wildlife species to protect habitats and promote bio-diversity. The industry is important to the conservation of the natural environment as well as protecting crops, supporting tourism, recreation and providing a source of high...

A career in horse racing

This information sheet provides an overview to some of the wide range of jobs available working directly with horses. There are also many other jobs available in the industry including racing regulation and administration, racecourse and event management, media and communications and bookmaking and betting.

A career in the poultry industry

Science, technology, engineering and maths occupations are widespread in the poultry industry -  productivity through science and technology is a key component of modern farming.

The poultry industry includes the production of both meat and eggs for the food chain. Poultry includes chickens, turkeys, ducks...

Science, maths and technology: working with animals

A study of science, maths and technology equips students with a wide range of very valuable skills that employers in the land-based and environmental sector want. A career in the land-based sector will enable students to apply those skills to provide food as well as a beautiful and healthy environment for everyone...