These resources can be used to support learning about nutrition at Key Stage Three. The list provides a range of activities, lesson ideas, film clips, careers resources, background information, practical tips and suggested teaching strategies. From 2014, students should be taught about:

• the content of a healthy human diet: carbohydrates, lipids (fats and oils), proteins, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre and water, and why each is needed
• calculations of energy requirements in a healthy daily diet
• the consequences of imbalances in the diet, including obesity, starvation and deficiency diseases.

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Whilst this list provides a source of information and ideas for experimental work, it is important to note that recommendations can date very quickly. Do NOT follow suggestions which conflict with current advice from CLEAPSS, SSERC or recent safety guides. eLibrary users are responsible for ensuring that any activity, including practical work, which they carry out is consistent with current regulations related to Health and Safety and that they carry an appropriate risk assessment. Further information is provided in our Health and Safety guidance.