Summer Olympics - 26th July to 11th August 2024 (primary)

Celebrate the 2024 Summer Olympic games with these classroom resources. 



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60 seconds on sports technology

In this activity, learners will work in groups to share their knowledge of the use of technology in sport. They will each give a 60 second presentation about the topic to their group.

This resource could be used as a starter activity or as part of an exercise for learners to develop their knowledge of how...

Build your own football team

In this resource designed by the IET children use their maths skills to build their own football team. The activities explore the maths of fantasy football and football cards. Pupils compare numbers and measures, add totals and find differences within the context of exploring the ways that footballers can be...

London marathon costume

In this activity, pupils design a costume for participants running in the London marathon. They need to consider how modern and smart fabrics could be used in their design, such as those that wick moisture to keep runners cool and dry.

They will also need to consider how to make their costume eye-...

Eating to Win

This Teachers TV programme illustrates the effect of different foods on the body and how the amount of food we need to stay healthy can vary considerably depending on lifestyle. Gastronuts presenter Stefan Gates meets triathlete Matt Sharp to find out about the relationship between diet and fitness. A triathlon...