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Enriching School Science for the Gifted Learner

These resources, developed by the Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme in collaboration with the ASCEND project, were designed to support science teachers, those with responsibility in science departments, and Gifted and Talented coordinators in schools. The ASCEND project (Able Scientists Collectively Experiencing New Demands) involved the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education and the Confederation of Secondary Schools in the City of Cambridge. Originally published as a booklet with an accompanying CD-ROM, the materials provide general guidance about this area along with a range of classroom activities.

The activities included in this resource are specifically designed to complement the school science provision for gifted and talented students, and are as follows:

  • Activity 1: What is science?
  • Activity 2: Is there a method to science
  • Activity 3: Learning science
  • Activity 4: Explaining science
  • Activity 5: Identifying patterns in science
  • Activity 6: Scaffolding individual learning in science
  • Activity 7: Integrated Science
  • Activity 8: Science in society
  • Activity 9: Judging models in science
  • Activity 10: Linking science to the everyday world The booklet with the accompanying CD-ROM resources can be purchased from Mindsets.


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