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"I Am the Greatest"

This Catalyst article discusses the science behind motivation in sport. Self-efficacy has been shown to have a strong influence on performance in athletes, with those who believe in themselves generally attaining more success than those who are plagued with self-doubt. Psychologists are developing theories to...

A Box of Beetles

A Catalyst article about Darwin's beetle collection - an early step in his scientific career. Beetle-collecting was something of a craze in the early 19th century; at the same time, scientific understanding of these creatures grew rapidly. The well illustrated article looks at Darwin's work in this field.


A clear view from the top

This Catalyst article describes the construction of the British Airways i360 tower in Brighton. It is the world’s tallest moving observation tower whose capsule is based on an ‘oblate ellipsoid’, is ten times bigger than a single London Eye capsule and is 18 metres in diameter. 


A Close Look at Pollen Grains

A Catalyst article about how the scanning by an electron microscope of pollen grains shows up their structure, and can help scientists understand why some people suffer from an allergic reaction - hay fever. The article describes how the images were made and how they are used in scientific research.


A Life in Brine

This Catalyst article is devoted to brine shrimps. It examines their life cycle and food chain and also provides some advice on how to keep and care for them.

This article is from Catalyst: GCSE Science Review 2003, Volume 13, Issue 4.

Catalyst is a science...

A life in science: Katherine Johnson

This Catalyst article focuses on Katherine Johnson, who was one of a number of black American women whose work as 'computers' made NASA's early work possible.

This article is from Catalyst: Secondary Science Review 2017, Volume 27, Issue 3.


A Love Letter to Science

This Catalyst article describes a film which has been made to provide a range of reasons for students to study science. During the film high profile scientists, writers and teachers describe how science provides the technologies which are used in everyday life, how it can protect the environment and how it protects...

A Nuclear Future?

A Catalyst article examining the UK’s electricity supplies, twenty per cent of which come from nuclear power stations. Many of these power stations are approaching the end of their working lives. The article looks at the future prospects for nuclear power bearing in mind their safety record and environmental...

A Vaccine for Malaria?

This Catalyst article examines malaria which is one of the world’s top ten diseases but an effective vaccine to combat it is yet to be discovered. Scientists in the Malaria Vaccine Group at Oxford are trying to overcome some very difficult problems using a new approach to vaccines.

This article is from...


These downloadable videos and animations are part of the multimedia package Stuff and Substance, developed by the Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme (SEP). They can be used to develop ideas relating to the characteristic reactions of acids.



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