Building confidence as a non-specialist mathematics teacher MY213

Perfect for teachers of mathematics who aren't specialists, increase your skills and knowledge of the subject and become more confident in your teaching of mathematics.


Do you want to feel more inspired, confident and increase your knowledge and skills when teaching mathematics even though mathematics is not your specialism? In this intensive residential course you will explore the characteristics of good maths teaching and develop strategies that promote good learning and deeper understanding.  During the course you will develop strategies to teach algebra for understanding, build ratio and proportion on a firm foundation of multiplicative reasoning, use manipulatives and multiple representations, and approaches to problem solving.


You will be able to:

  • understand what is good mathematics teaching
  • learn how to overcome the difficulties typically faced by non-specialist teachers
  • teach for deeper understanding: making connections
  • build resilience: helping students to help themselves
  • develop questioning techniques to encourage mathematical thinking



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