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Action potential

How do messages get passed from the brain around the body? This video explains how action potential works.

Do we favour fatty foods?

Video from the Big Picture issue on Fat, showing an experiment to discover if we favour fatty foods.

This is Engineering: How I got here

These video iare a brilliant introduction to an engineering event, assembly or presentation.

This resource forms part of the This is Engineering campaign.


This is Engineering: Helping people

This video introduces the idea that engineers are working on solutions to help people. "Engineering makes a difference to all of our lives, and that also means helping those most in need. Whether through making buildings safer in the face of natural disasters, developing medical technologies that detect and...

Ice cutting experiment

This video introduces the process of regelation.  This is when ice melts as pressure is applied to it and then re-freezes when the pressure is removed. An experiment is conducted using two lengths of wire attached to two 1.5kg masses. One wire is made from copper and the other is fishing wire.  Students are asked...

Cool Pots - Primary Global upd8

This activity provides a practical context to explore thermal insulation and changes of state at primary level. Families living in Sudan find that due to the warmer climate fruit and vegetables tend to not stay fresh for long. In order to solve this problem they use a clay pot (zeer pot) refrigerator to help...

Design for a better world

Design for a better world is a design challenge for students aged 11-14 years. It offers students the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the global goals for sustainable development.
  • Access a range of global contexts including water and sanitation, food security and climate action in which to...

Marvellous Microbes!

This film shows how food waste in Bangladesh is used to provide a source of energy. The conditions needed for anaerobic digestion, including temperature, pH, and oxygen levels. The biogas produced is used as a fuel for cooking and the digested food is used as a fertilizer.

This is Engineering: Be the difference

This video provides a brief introduction to the types of work that engineers are involved in. 


Fractional Distillation *suitable for home teaching*

This film, from Twig World, looks at how the industrial process of fractional distillation transforms crude oil into a variety of products, from plane fuel to road surfacing. The key points made in the film are:

Extraction of crude oil from Fractional Distillation gives us many useful products. First it is...


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